Loved to Death: Tahoe and Truckee Bursting at the seams...

The town of Truckee and Placer County with over 1500 cases are discouraging weekend visits to our area. They are urging tourists to NOT visit during weekends as the higher than normal volume of people are preventing them from staying within pandemic protocol and taxing their service industry including police, fire and medical services. I would say the same is true for the lake as well.

I have never seen the North and East shores so inundated with humans, their vehicles and all that comes with these visitors including trash, campfires and service lines. If you are planning on driving between SLT and IV down the Eastshore on 28... forget-about-it. It is a Shitshow with a capital "S". The line of traffic often extends all the way from Sand Harbor to Incline with no easy sailing Northbound either. The only way to beat it is to give it a go midday, at night or in the early morning before 7 otherwise, well, bring a good book. You'll need it. The sheer volume of illegally parked cars on the East shore easily outstrips the ticket books the NHP carry with them and the tow trucks necessary to pull vehicle rear ends out of the traffic lanes. People appear desperate to get to the lake, come hell or high water. Or maybe... they just appear desperate in general. The rolling months of the Pandemic is taking its toll as Fast Food employees are shot dead asking folks to wear masks. Really" Killing some 19 year old because he asked you to wear a mask. So yes, people are on edge.

Thinking the Northshore might be mellower? Forget-about-it. If traversing King's Beach during the day plan on an extended visit just to get through town. Looks like July 4th only every day now. Of course weekends are worst but the weekdays are so bad that its difficult to quantify just how much worse weekends actually are. When you're stopped dead in traffic. You are stopped dead, whatever day it happens.

The bottom line: if venturing up to the lake or Truckee, go early or late and expect delays and lots and lots of crowds. If planning on a weekend my best advice is... forget-about-it!



  1. Nice to have you back Sven! What is the word about opening ski resorts in Cal/Nevada?


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