The Last Ski of Sky...

There is something poignant about the "last ski" that one makes on a given slope for the season, especially when that slope is considered "home" in so many ways. Between working on my extensive Honey Do list I have been looking up and watching the snow retreat at Sky Tavern daily. With the warmer weather the snow has been rapidly melting more like hourly than daily. Yesterday I looked up and knew, it was time to go. Now or never. Plus, it was a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a homemade pitcher of Margarita's awaiting my return.

In the style of spring skiing I got as much speed as I could over the last patch of snow and continued on over the grass, mud and bogs to a dry spot. With a big smile I claimed "Mission Accomplished" as I shouldered my skis and went up the hill for my one-on one-with Jose Cuervo.

Keep skiing, paddling, hiking and getting out. Its what keep us happy.

Happy Cinco de Mayo Everyone!



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