The last run...

My friend and adventure brother for over 40 years Bob Drake took his last ski a couple of weeks ago down Slide Mountain. Little did we know as we laughed our way down pretty "interesting" snow conditions that it would be his last ski, ever.

Bob died last Sunday from what many of us believe to be complications from Covid 19. I spoke to him just the night before and he said he was feeling much better after his test came back negative for Covid last Friday. He said he was very relieved from the test results and was feeling much better. I told him if he needed anything to just call me as he was just in Truckee and I could be there in a little more than a half an hour. By next morning he was dead.  His phone untouched by his side in bed. All of us who had the pleasure to know him are reeling and looking for solace. I caution everyone out there to take any Covid 19 symptoms seriously as the disease can lower your blood oxygen count without prompting you to be out of breath. The result: massive internal organ failure without the time to even dial 911.

Bob Drake is the last guy you would ever suspect to check out early. He was a skier, kayaker, biker and international jazz guitarist who had travelled around the world playing music. The silver lining: at least I got in one more ski adventure with him and the mediocre at best ski conditions now seem nothing but a footnote. Its true. You never regret going skiing, but in this case it means so much more.

Bob would want us to remember. Every run could be your last.

RIP Robert Hull Drake, 1957-2020



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