Slide Side Good to the last flake...

Although Bonanza may have a few day left on it, the rest of Slide Side is done like dinner. Yesterday saw the last tracks on Zephyr and Bruces and I had to pick my way down at that. Rotten snow pockets lay like minefields in the trees and after sinking maybe 4" on your turns you would suddenly end up knee-deep in a rotten snow patch or void near a log or rock. It was unpleasant at times to be sure. The runs that had been packed over the course of the season delivered a much better skiing experience and although sun cupped pretty good in spots, were firm underneath and soft on top to make for a good late season adventure. Word from Eric MaGrath is that NW is still skiing really nice.

The Chutes remain skiable although you gotta watch for the Rotten Snow Elevator Going Down experiences and voids by rocks. Sudden stops at 25 mph can lead to a good chance of hyperextension or other injuries when your upper body supermans downhill while your lower body remains stuck in the hole you just made. To tell you the truth, paddling on the lake may be a better choice when the weather warms up again.

Happy Turning no matter where you end up,



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