Good News for Nevadans: Corvid 19 Loves Sea Level

A recent study of Covid 19 distribution and severity in China and South America reportedly demonstrates that the virus thrives in the human population much better at lower altitudes rather than in higher ones. Researchers believe that weather and atmospheric differences as well as how humans lungs adapt at altitude lead to significant advantages for those living at altitudes over those living at near or at sea level.

Obviously it doesn't make us untouchable by the virus but it does lend to the theory that the more time you spend up high in the mountains, the healthier you will be during the Covid 19 crisis. I would add that I think thats true anytime. Not a bad theory to ascribe to, right?

Had some inquiries today about how much snow we got up here. The short answer: not enough to make for fun skiing. The West side of the lake was forecast to be hit quite a bit harder. If anyone hears anything please let me know. But make sure to go up really really high to check that out. Thats doctor's orders.

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