Another one bites the dust: Las Lenas, Argentina DOA this season

With Argentina's airports closed to both international and domestic flights until September, Las Lenas ski area has thrown in the towel for this season. It is expected other South American ski resorts will likely follow suit. Las Lenas is one of the premiere areas with a hair under 4000 vertical feet and lots of hike to extreme lines from the top of chair as well as cat skiing for the out-of-shape and overweight... or just plain rich and lazy. Oh, shoot, was I not politically correct? Too bad. It is what it is and you won't find me mincing my words.  On this site you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. Or... don't bother reading. Honesty appeals to me over euphemisms and tiptoeing around sensitive subjects. Its best just to be clear... for everyone. Call a Spade a Spade and a Diamond a Diamond.
Not exactly a popular and revered theme in our tiptoe through the tulips times. But it works for me. Next week will bring very warm temps and I suggest you go find some turns while you still can.



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