A Toast to El Cap

Got back into The Chutes yesterday and was pleasantly surprised that El Cap was skied in. Cupless, smooth and way less of the rotten stuff we found on Hornets Nest and Chaos we found a couple of weeks ago. El Cap skied really consistently as long as you stayed in the middle. Sides were rotten and rocky as you might suspect. My buddy got a nice stone grind free of charge from the Mountain Gods. Very few rocks exposed in chute center and the only really rotten snow we found was at the bottom apron exposed to the sun. My neighbor Eric also said the Rose face runs were still skiing well too.

With the Winter Weather Advisory this week the skiing should stay good if you have the patience to wait for the corn to warm up. Or, who knows, maybe there will be enough snow to actually ski some new stuff although my crystal ball is very cloudy on that and my 8 Ball, after a good shake said "Doubtful." The storm will be providing precip from now through Tuesday off and on. We shall see what the weather brings but the fact that its going to freeze at night won't hurt the pack any for next weeks skiing.


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