Winter Storm in April? You Betcha!

Coming to a Mountain Range Near You:

Trends from the National Weather Service are forecasting a stronger storm for this time of year this weekend and into early next week. There appears to be good chances for a foot to two feet of snow above 7000 feet between Saturday and Monday night. Of course things could change by tonight but the trend has been a stronger scenario with each forecast cycle over the last few days. Due to the lateness of the year, Reno metro may not be too effected too much but the mountains will certainly be.

If you plan to go out on your board(s) please keep first responders in mind. They do not need your Search and Rescue mission or your medical issues added to their Corvid 19 response right now. If you do go out, ski or ride well within your safety zone so that we do not inadvertently compound the problems in health care that our first responders are currently facing.

You can also expect avalanche activity with this storm cycle and if planning on skiing the chutes Rose Patrol will most likely be working in there. Please stay out of their way and let them do their job.

Ski and Ride well within your boundaries. Enjoy.



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