USFS Approves Atoma Expansion

Yesterday the USFS Humbolt-Toyabie National Forest Supervisor has signed the final go-ahead document for the Atoma Expansion opening up a 100+ acres of beginner terrain across the highway and North of the main Rose parking lot.

The new Atoma Pod will be characterized by many gladed trails through this beginning terrain and will allow beginning skiers and riders to have their own dedicated area to play in the mountains away from more advanced areas where skiers and riders bomb past the beginners at highway speeds setting up a situation that led to many accidents over the years. Although not offering any new terrain for intermediates or advanced skiers, the move will depopulate the mountain somewhat on busier days by moving beginners over to their own dedicated area. A skier bridge will connect the new pod to the main skier area over Hwy 431.

And YES to all of you who have asked. The new lift will set up a situation where Sky Tavern skiers could access Mt. Rose Ski Area with the new lift. We shall see where that leads in the long run.



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