Sweden's Riksgransen Resort Still Open

There are currently three regions still open for Alpine Skiing, Japan, Iceland and Sweden. Iceland is limited and so is Japan which is experiencing an uptick in Covid 19 cases right now and also quickly approaching the end of their skiing season anyway. Of the resorts still open, Riksgransen in Northern Sweden has adjusted to the outbreak with their own medical team and protocol and is still spinning all of their lifts. With over 17 feet of snow on the ground they are not planning on closing anytime soon, says management. They are known for their off-piste late season spring skiing across Europe. They are following social distancing guidelines as set by the Swedish Government. They are confident they can manage the virus safely and still provide skiing. That being said, probably the most unsafe thing is getting there which requires some transportation adventures for sure. Before anyone submits shaming emails, remember, I am just the messenger. I am not condoning this choice, merely mentioning it to those that might be interested. Me, I'm pretty happy right here on good'ole Mt. Rose touring around with my dog and family enjoying some occasional spring powder and looking forward to the next Corn Cycle.

Happy Turning All and Be Safe. The life you save may be your own or a loved one.



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