Steeps soft as Sloppy Joes

Spring has started to perform its magic loosening and mushing up the snow real nice. When will there be corn, you ask? Probably this week on S and W slopes I image if the warm continues. In between tho expect some very large pinwheels and potential slough slides in the chutes and else where on steeps that have not begun to melt off nearly enough. Yesterday there were pinwheels the size of truck tires which indicates TOO SOFT on the very steeps. If you do decide to ski them keep looking over your shoulder... they may be catching up to you.

Weight your options carefully and try to catch the snow when it first starts to melt, East facers are really nice in the morning when the subsurface is still frozen hard but the warmth of the sun has softened the top into a very nice skiable surface. As the shadows creep onto the East and North facers in the afternoon you can expect the crust to start hardening fairly quickly.

As in picking a ski mate (or a MATE for that matter, choose wisely is the advice of the day.  Your choice has lots of implications for the future. I had no trouble with my choice today!



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