Sometimes a Chute Calls your Name

25 years ago I saw the Broomstick North on the Houghton Ridge while climbing Mt. Rose  and said "Man, I want to ski that." Its taken me 25 years to finally make the time to make that ski happen. It is not an easy place to get to for sure. But the Broomstick has become the stuff of ski legend over summer campfires with most discussions ending with "Yeah, we gotta get back there and do that." Well our time finally came and Peter Steinfelds (who has been recovering from a really bad snowboard accident for years) gave the green light and we headed out for a 15 mile epic. And it was.

The next time I look over to the West from a Mt. Rose climb I will do so with a different sort of smile. The smile of an expedition well done. Nothing like a mountain challenge to make you rise to the occasion. Nothing.



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