Oh the Places You'll Go...

Aside from skiing, there are a lot of other great things to do in our great state for adventure. Found my way up to Lagomarsino Canyon on my bike yesterday to check out the Petroglyphs. I have been all over the West looking at both pictographs (art painted on rock) and Petroglyphs (art chiseled into the rock mechanically) but the Lagomarsino Canyon panels are the largest and best preserved of any that I've seen. With over 2200 petroglyphs counted and many more hiding out in the boulders you could easily spend days mesmerized by the 10,000 plus old native works of art. And you will earn it getting there let me tell you. Whether you hike, bike, 4X4 or trailride your way in, I guarantee some excitement in the journey alone. The canyon is located about midway from Lockwood and Virginia City Highlands and whichever way you start or end will be an adventure with bad rocky ass roads, mud, 3 foot deep ruts, rocks and rattlesnakes. Yep, Nevada true and true. And if you even think about giving me crap for going out in the country... remember my HOME is Nevada so when they say "Stay Home Nevada" I am pretty sure I AM home... thank you very much!



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