Mt. Baldy: First US Ski Area Reopens

Yep, you heard it right. Mt. Baldy has reopened in California, the first in the US and offers 2100 vertical feet of skiing with a base summit elevation of 8600 feet. They have many protocols in place to protect skiers who will be wearing masks, riding single on their double chairs (unless they know their fellow rider) and all restaurants and rentals will be closed. But, it IS an encouraging sign that things are a changin.

Hard to believe anyone from the Tahoe area would venture down to less than an hour out of Smell A but hey, desperate people do desperate things. Me, I'de rather just tool around on all the snow we've got right here and earn my turns. Plenty of fun to be had right here without having to venture down to Covid Mountain (sorry, couldn't resist, does have a ring to it)!

Guess I have really just learned to adjust to the lack of hassle, crowds and costs of resort skiing and have easily adjusted to just throwing my skis on and skiing where I want without signs, people cutting me off, rope lines, closures and "the scene." Yep, just snow, sunshine and skis is about as simple as it gets. For others that may need a lift to get you up, here you go.

Kinda happy that some bull wheels is spinning somewhere to smiles and laughter.

Happy Turning,



  1. Baldy rocks! Especially if there's snow to the parking lot which seems doubtful at this time or year but who knows? At least it's something.


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