More Detailed Storm Info

Winter Storm Warning Issued belies the fact that the storm is still on track starting Saturday afternoon with a short burst of snow from a fast moving storm system that will have moved on by Saturday night. Sunday and Monday the real fun begins as a much bigger and slower moving storm drops down and provides some cold powder in the mountains perhaps extending down into the foothills.

The charts are courtesy of Weatherwest. Chart one displays the number of inches of precipitation that is forecast (not snow but liquid water equivalent) and as you can see we are in the 3 to 4" area which translates to feet rather than inches of snow. The second chart illustrates the amount of snow in a six hour period and for us it is in the 6"+ category.

All signals are for a fairly robust storm by any standard with the typical accompanying winds. Expect avalanche conditions to increase substantially. With all our first responders needed elsewhere please remember to play it safe and resist the temptation to Redline which would put people at risk to exposure to Corvid 19.

Happy Turning!



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