Its not one way or the other people: Break Glass: Use Brain

I have been hearing drum beats from both sides of the issue. "Opener back up, Don't Tread on Me, Covid 19 is a Hoax" and on and on. Toting guns on the steps of the capitol in Missouri or mounting a recall petition for Sisolak. On the other side are the people dumping sand in the skateboard parks in San Clemente and LA, making surfing illegal in San Diego and declaring all on snow activity illegal in certain Colorado Counties as well as closing off part of the National Forest lands in South Lake Tahoe. The shot of the man in scrubs just out from the hospital where people are dying blocking the parade of protesters honking their horns and wanting everything opened up was the image that did it for me. Come on America. We are better than this. Rather than a nationwide knee-jerk reaction can't we critically develop a plan for each and every state, municipality and region?

What we don't seem to understand is that this is not a black and white issue. It's not one way or the other... there is a middle ground which we need to find as a people, as a country. There is a virus that is killing people and overloading hospitals in some parts of the country. We know that a certain amount of social distancing is helpful in countering the contagion. That being said, closing off public lands, beaches, swimming and surfing is, in my mind, going way too far. In SoCal right now they are dumping sand in all the skateparks to render them unskatable (scroll down). Why on earth would you want to limit a very low impacted demographic and deprive them of getting out athletically and enjoying a solo sport that helps them skate off their frustration and gets them some fresh air. Just as in the case of Colorado counties closing off on-snow activity or in Europe cross country skiing... it is just too much. Yes, we must protect ourselves but lets do it reasonably and with value given to the healthy aspects of outdoor recreation. Some people are fine watching endless hours of reruns... others need to be out in the sun and stars and wild places. Their very health depends on it.

Please Break Glass: Use Brain on both sides of the equation.



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