If you don't know. Don't go.

I know its tempting. It always is.

I have witnessed over the last two storm cycles many skiers entering The Chutes and other steep areas in our mountain playground during moderate to high avalanche conditions. Many of those entering have no avy gear and apparently very little knowledge of ski and rider mitigation protocol and the inherent risks involved. Really? Who do you think is going to rescue you?

Please, please please, with all thats going on with Covid 19 be respectful of our First Responders and don't go if you don't know. To ski steeper BC terrain safely you must have the avalanche gear and more importantly the knowledge of how to use it as well as partners who can do the same as well as some sort of rescue plan should someone in your party get hurt. One group of boarders was even bragging about the slide they rode down in Yellowhjacket. Burial is not the only problem folks. Just a broken bone can cause a pretty big issue. Remember, YOU are your own ski patrol, medic and rescue service when you are in the BC. Please make good sound decisions so the rest of us don't have to put our lives on the line for you or the government has to step in like San Miguel County in Colorado and declare skiing "illegal"! There is an old Rose Patrol bumper sticker that says "You can't Stop Stupid" but I at least hope to slow it down some. For more on this check out the accompanying video:




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