GO HOME says Truckee residents to 2nd Home Owners

Truckee has a problem. It has a small hospital with 24 beds with a max of 44 if they push the walls out and start stacking. The problem: Truckee has been identified as a Corvid 19 Hotspot with nearly 50 people in Truckee testing positive. Since you can figure the actual number of those with Corvid 19 is two to three times that many... this could be bad news for the hospital and its limited resources. A quarter of the beds are already occupied by Corvid 19 patients and this comes early in the curve. As Corvid 19 rolled into town in the form of powder hungry skiers the last weekend the resorts were open and since then as a respite for Bay Area dwellers who have a second home in Truckee... the virus has been rolling through town and taking names.

The Town of Truckee has therefore asked all second home owners to return to their primary residences (mostly in the Grey Area) in order to protect the residents of the small town and assuring that residents do have an option for treatment should they become ill from Covid 19 or any other malady requiring hospitalization. How many vents might a small hospital have? "Not enough" is the reply.

Some counties in other Colorado tourist areas are setting up road blocks and declaring only legal residents may drive on the county roads punishable by a fine $5000 and/or jail time. Still other counties have made on snow activities like BC skiing and boarding illegal.

We are living in strange times. We shall see how this plays out in the long run.

May your turns safe and deep,



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