The Last Resort Standing in the United States Award Goes To:

With almost everyone closed globally due to Corvid19 with the exception of a few small areas in Sweden, the unabashed winner of the Last Ski Area Standing in North America contest goes to (Drumroll please) 49 North. If you have never heard of them don't feel bad. Most skiers haven't. 49 North is located in the far North Eastern corner of Washington State just a few dozen miles South of the Canadian border and a few more miles North of Spokane. The ski area is about the size of Rose with more but way slower chairlifts. They did a great job of adjusting to the virus and encouraged social distancing and very limited food service. They stayed open as long as they could knowing being outside involved in athletic pursuits helps stoke up your immune system. They made it till March 24th but have vowed to reopen should conditions change. This is a skiers mountain in the middle of nowhere ready to go for more turns if the "All Clear" bell chimes. Way to go 49 North!

Meanwhile around here skiing conditions around here remain some of the best of the year. Gotta work for it however. Can you find the skier in this pic? Hint: he is wearing red.



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