Something about powder...

An untouched Northeast ridge line below you with a virgin couloir to your left facing dead North. You know the snow has blown in there silly deep and your conscious that nothing has moved all day. Despite the 36" dump, the snow is stable. Someone with a camera is off to the left and waves you on, you drop. And in those moments time stretches out for hours, is just as relative as Einstein said and you feel the pressure of gravity take you into the yawning powder cache below. You remember to lean into any fear you might have with your expectation of deep etched into your eternal memory turns. You swing your hips left and bank your skis toward the drop and then your tips hook up and you are in deep, holding your breath as you feel the powder whip up over your head and shoulders and take you into another world. Fall line but its hard to come out of gravity's pull. Again, your skis hook up across the fall line and back toward the top of the ridge and you drop into an even deeper world of the off-camber turn.

This moment is why you are here. It is the only moment that exists. It is yours.



  1. Nice! Well written description of dropping in. I could almost feel it, my heart skipped a beat. Thank you


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