Slide Road Opens!

The Slide Road gate was open today and some folks were taking advantage of the Executive Parking up in the Slide Lot. One fellow even thought parking in the North end would be a good idea. Hope he has a shovel.

Chutes have been pretty skied out but the Slide side remained mostly open powder with several dozen tracks. You could definitely find mucho open pow if you looked around in the trees and on some of the runs. Sunny today so the March high angle sun is having its crusty effects on top on anything facing South and West. As weather warms expect a sun crust to start forming in many more places... it is late March after all. Age hardening has also occurred in The Chutes so be careful as some areas hit by sun and skis have reacted by making life "hard" on the skier or rider. The heavier the area is skied, the more likely the area will have glazed off. Beware and be prepared.

Speaking of Being Aware...

PLEASE keep in mind that there is no patrol assistance available while the area is closed and all rescue will be performed by Washoe County Search and Rescue volunteers who are First Responders. Due to the Covid19 Crisis SAR would rather not be exposed to your germs as they may really be needed in the next couple of weeks and have their own families to return to. Please ski and ride well within your control so we don't have to bother them and put them at risk. If you don't think you can do that if you do get badly injured you may want to just dig a hole with your avy shovel and roll into it. Or better yet, you may want to just ski or ride virtually after downing a sixer and inviting all your buddies over to play stupid with you.

Regardless, be safe out there and remember to Keep the Stoke Alive!



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