Powder = Bliss

Yes, Powder Sunday was a great day. I love it when the weather geeks are so wrong... the right way! And as some of the lightest snow of the season at 15 degrees making for dangerous conditions in places. It was a great day to have 128 mm skis underfoot as the K2 Darksides did their job and kept me from feeling the bottom most of the time. For this reason the first pow over groomer runs were sweet and the off-piste was good on the lower angle shots like Zephyr, Bruces etc. The South facing slopes off-piste like Manzanita were gnarly. Its the only time in my life I think I've gotten face shot after face shot on the most retched substrate under the pow. It felt like skiing over coral with lots of pow so you couldn't see the offending stumps, rocks and massive sun cups. Just did a one and done on Manzo but heard stories of folks walking out trying to climb over the Mountain Mahogany to escape the torture waaaaay off trail. In Jim's immortal works "F*&k Manzanita... took me over an hour to climb out of there."

For the rest of us... well, it was one of the best days of winter for sure. The Slide lot was so full people were parking on the highway but we were hiking to ski and never saw
a soul where we were cutting freshies all day. It was one of the days where you skip lunch saying, "hell, I can eat all summer, its time to shred!"



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