Mt. Rose Rises to a Standing Unofficial Ovation

Mt. Rose has risen to the occasion and outshone so many of their competitors in the ski industry. Rose has notified its employees that despite the early closure, staff will continue to receive paychecks for the next two weeks. Way to go Management. In our small little community that means a lot. The folks who got laid off are our friends and ski brothers and sisters. It really means the world to them that you have helped them along the way toward paying their rent and buying groceries. 

The management team also made the decision to stay open their last day and be the Last Resort Standing in Tahoe but that decision was countermanded by forces beyond their control so again, Rose was independent and was working hard to keep the skiing going for all of us Slide Mountain Lovers. 

We are in unchartered waters now around the world and skiing plays but a very minor part in the current drama. And... skiing will continue for many of us. Just not riding up the lifts. And maybe that's not so bad either. A chance to stop the yo-yo lift skiing and get out and here the birds, look for bear paw prints and make fresh tracks and enjoy powder that lasts more than one or two lift rides. 

This blog will continue its ski reports although the focus will be regional rather than on Rose proper in the hopes of continuing to bring together those of us that love the sport that enriches our lives immeasurably. 


Footnote: Patrol has been blasting the bloody hell out of The Chutes since closing and I would highly recommend not entering the chutes area as long as Avalanche Control continues...


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