Keeping My Social Distance (On Skis)

The powder has kept in the chutes till it was skied out. The Rose side skied out before that. Whole families were coming off the pass skiing out to the Rose lodge. Nothing like a 5 year old kicking butt in the pow to put a smile on your face.

Enjoyed some of the best skiing of the year this week and hoping this next storm can (with the winds help) at the very least cover our tracks. I know you are probably practicing your social distancing but I hope you continue to also take care of your mental health and get outside on your bike, skis, feet and soon boats or sups and keep your spirits up. Be careful. Not fearful. There IS a difference!


NOTE: The large group was not "my" group so please no hate mail about how "irresponsible" I am. They were just super stoked at the bottom of Slide access and I could'n't resist.


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