Chute, Storm and Corona Ski Report

The Chutes have been open this week for the most part and a storm is finally on its way. What do these two things have in common you ask? If you haven't been in The Chutes lately many rocks have reared their ugly heads. Be mindful when they do open after the dump you know where you are going and what is underneath you. Jackpot (pictured here), El Cap and many of the other chutes have rocks that are jagged like sharks teeth just waiting for you. A couple chutes where you might have a better chance of not hitting anything would include Miller, Nightmare (after the very top) Beehive, Chaos and O-niner although even here caution is advised on the steeper sections or off the sides of the run on side shots. This storm comes at an opportune time as we are as dry as dry can be for mid-winter lying less than 50% of normal. The coming storm (if it actually dumps) will be a big shot in the arm. Some of the best skiing this week was actually the sun warmed corduroy... if your timing was right it was delicious. Even Sunrise warmed up and although not groomed offered a pleasant spring corn run or two or three. One caveat of the storm is that wind and potential lift closures may be an issue. Check the website before coming up... you just never know and its way cheaper to just drive to a bar in town rather than waste the day up here!

Corona Strikes! Italy, Austria and Switzerland have all closed their lifts for now, and possibly for the season due to Corona Virus and there is already talk in resort management meetings in the US on the subject. All major sporting events have been cancelled in skiing from the World Cup on down to the Tahoe League. Don't be surprised that a knee jerk reaction isn't the closing of areas here in the US... as long as no one else closes we should be good... but, just like the NBA, as soon as one goes down, the rest may follow. Cross your fingers its not as bad as some of the talking heads say its gunna be or we might be looking at a very early end to the season.

Expect pretty blown out conditions tomorrow but wax up for Sunday... it just may be the best day of the year if forecasts hold...



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