Alterra and Vail Associates Shutter Areas on a Powder Day... No Gawd... NOOOOOOO

Thats right. There goes skiing in Tahoe with the exception of Rose, Sugar Bowl, Diamond Peak And Sierra Ski Ranch and who knows how long these four will hold out.

It may just be time to get out your skins and earn your turns!

We shall now see how Independent Mt. Rose really is...

A friend called and told me about Squallywood and Mammoth and I was bummed and a little argumentative and he kept saying "This isn't about you." I totally agree with his statement.

Its about skiing and taking risks. In fact skiing has always been about taking risks. And always will be. Even if Ebola was out killing half the population you would still see the die hards out there... maybe riding on the upwind side of the chair, but still out there. Its just how we roll. So no Mr. Croley... its not about me. Its about all of us that love skiing and will take lots of risk to keep doing it... just ask Turnin Tim.

I say to the last four resorts please don't cave and follow the hysteria and...

Let my people ski.



  1. As a medical researcher for the last 40 years and considering the weather that is coming our way in the next 4-6 weeks, I see little risk of the virus spreading if Mt. Rose stays open. In fact the risk could be higher if they close as people will congregate indoors where the virus can live, airborne, much longer. Also, because of this low risk and the tremendous opportunity for Rose to make the statement, "We are here for you!", I am guessing they stay open. I sure hope so anyway. Thanks for the info Sven!

  2. Close the lodges if you must but keep the lifts running...

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    1. it was surreal Sunday. With Slide side closed, it seemed like every skier and boarder in Tahoe was there, all on NW chair. Lifties did a great job of keeping the maze moving. Visibility not optimal, but OK... freshies were fun. Didn't hang long, but can claim "skied The Apocalypse"... Parking was crazy!
      Yeah, I'm disappointed with the closing for the season of the lift accessed terrain, but I'm breaking out the AT set-up. Cruise around and get an aerobic workout and find some fun out there.
      Carpe Diem!

  4. Haha Rose CLOSED!!
    You Rosetta Stoners are definitely some of the coolest peeps on the planet no doubt.
    Probably some of best skiers ever too.
    Hahaha just gotta laugh
    Whatcha all gonna do now


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