Zephyr Heaven...

Another deeply groomed morning day of cord on Zephyr. Most of the rocks, mud, gravel and skid marks are gone once more. The groomers are now performing magic. Patrol is also doing a great job marking what rocks cannot be covered. Still, don't let your guard down or you'll wind up in a hospital bed next to Tim, who, by the way, is recovering after his second surgery nicely.

The Chutes opened again today between 9:30 and 10:00 and man, they were well, frozen vegetables come to mind, or coral, anything rough and not ready for prime time would work. Maybe the snow got warm enough in Jackpot facing the sunrise that things were ok on the skiers left but the shady chutes were pretty damn firm. Afternoon probably loosened them up a bit. I didn't stay to find out. I really do enjoy my quiet time in there. Few people. great challenging terrain, really challenging lately. I like that they were open though, more European style "take responsibility for yourself and don't ski something you can't get down safely" kind of approach. Read those little yellow signs and they will tell you all you need to know...

Beautiful days for groomers though for sure... big wind and a little dusting coming our way this weekend. Maybe we will get some inches... we shall see. Then, back to warm weather next week with more melting coming our way. Better get those runs in while you can. Its getting thin in places.



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