You don't know poor snow conditions!

Been overhearing some complaints about the poor and/or low snow conditions this week at Rose. Just wanted to set the record straight. You don't really know what "poor snow conditions" really are unless you ski with local Search and Rescue Ski Guru Nate Corona (pictured below). Unless you are skiing on rock, sticks, brush and decomposing granite... you don't really have the foundation for a serious complaint. The on-piste skiing on Rose is still excellent due in large part to our grooming crew.

Dave and the crew at Mt. Rose have made the absolute most of the snow that we do have even grooming runs like Zephyr occasionally to spice it up a little. Despite radical temperature swings, rain and lots of wind and way too warm for this time of year temps, Dave has managed to be the hostess with the mostest.

Waterfall was the run of the day today followed closely by Zephyr and Silver to Eight Ball. Many other groomers were pretty darn good as well. It was warm enough today that South facers were beginning to yield up their hard coatings and begin the corny process we all love. As long as Ma Nature is gunna throw 73 on the first of February in Reno... we might as well take advantage of it. Nothing like skiing with your shadow in front of you down the face runs until the air your pushing at high speed starts holding you back to make you feel alive and full of vim and vigor. BTW: The Chutes were back open with the warming temps although there were not a lot of takers understandably. Add another 5 degrees tho and there might be... stay tuned.

I guess my point is: skiing is awesome. No matter what.

Looks like its Pass Holder Appreciation Days tomorrow and Saturday. Tomorrow will be on the Rose side with meal and drink deals. That swaps onto Slide side on Saturday. Hope to see you there!



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