Two Sides of a Mountain

Slide Lot Mid-day on Sunday of President's Holiday

Its amazing how weather and mountain sides can change things. Apparently the Rose side has been pretty busy yesterday and today while the Slide Side has remained very tame and relaxed for President's Holiday Weekend.

Timing is also everything. Yesterday I came up late to enjoy some corny goodness mid-day and was surprised to find the Slide lot almost empty as well as the slopes as you can see from the empty lot pic below. Rose side this morning was just the opposite with pretty reliable crowdage at NW load. Snow conditions on-piste have been great first thing in the morning with awesome grooming on Zephyr, Sunrise and elsewhere.  Mid-morning things get scraped off and a little on the firm side. Off-piste is a different story altogether. Think: frozen vegetables with ski tracks through them. Off-piste in the afternoon is a completely different animal depending on how much sun the slope has had. Lots of sun equals soft beginning to corn snow, quality is totally connected to how much sun the slope is experiencing. Once that sun is gone tho watch out. Crustiness is sure to follow shortly thereafter. Sounds like the Chutes will remain closed until we get either more snow or a big warm up to loosen the death crust.

What do we like... the variety. Rose is a miniature version of a really big mountain!

And thats whats so great about Rose, you can still park within a few feet of the slopes and be on your skis in minutes on President's Three Day Weekend!



  1. Hey! I see my red jeep parked along the snow wall in your pic! I'm famous! -Christine


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