Sometimes you get it... sometimes you don't

Despite all the computer modeling in the world. Ma Nature is gunna do what she is gunna do. We all enjoyed great early season snow and thankfully cold temps which preserved it but that all came to an end on New Years Day with high humidity and rain on the mountain turning that powder into something quite different. Although we are expecting a few inches this week it won't change things that much off-piste. On piste will improve with just a few inches most likely. The Chutes have been closed as a result thankfully as they would be tobogganing people out of there were they open. In one patrollers words "heinous" would be the descriptor to describe some aspects in the chutes right now. "Inconsistent" might be another. Skiing similar BC lately I would agree. Groomers are of course still good in the mornings. With this latest lack of snow we are sitting about average for snow depth for this time of year, however we are only at 73% of normal water content due to the cold temps most of our snow has fallen at. That all computes to rocks in the chutes and thin cover in some places. The rain did tamp things down a bit. Total snowfall as of today is 130" during 19 days of storminess this season, with a max base of 41" and an average base depth of 28" according to Opensnow. When we think about the topography of our mountain an average depth of 28" means there is plenty sticking up out of the snow or just below the surface. Please ski carefully. We are due for a few inches this week and an apparent pattern change for next week for colder and more precipitation but it is all still in the crystal ball at this point. Check out our friends over at: for more info on the incoming weather changes. The pic is obviously from another winter long long ago in a Galaxy surprising close... Heavenly Valley. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't.



  1. I really enjoy reading your posts! Wondering if you have any insight as to why the Chutes Steep 16 Challenge is scheduled for this Sunday...seems like a reaaaal bad idea. Think they might move it?


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