MLK at Rose Receives High Marks!

Halfway through the MLK holiday and I can say it is one of the best Mt. Rose has ever hosted. With many passes blocked out skiing was relatively painless with manageable lift line waits and excellent snow conditions. From Friday morning on skiing has been revived and renewed that only new cold snow can bring. The Slide side Carpool parking has also worked out well resulting in more parking spaces and the conviviality of riding with others up to the mountain. All skiing on all runs are running good to excellent with all lifts operating.

And not only are they operating, but operating quickly. Both high speeds have been cranked up to 1000 fpm (feet per minute) which makes for a fast ride and lots of skiing. With lift speed this fast the wait at Zephyr is almost non-existent which makes holiday skiing actually enjoyable. Everyone was happy to see Zephyr Run groomed this weekend and an early 8:00 am start time on the slide side. Patrol has been out in force keeping things a little safer and it looked like collisions were down. It just feels safer out there doesn't it? The resort has risen to the occasion when it comes to this holiday and all I've seen the last three days are smiles all around because of it.

Nice job everyone at Rose for making this a fantastic ski holiday! Here is hoping the rest of your holiday is just as pleasant. Can I now say... "I've made it to the mountaintop"... here is hoping you can say it too by tomorrow night.



  1. Nice column Sven, I totally agree. They had those lifts just cranking. I did 7:30 round trip runs yesterday. 16,000 vertical in a little less than 90 minutes on near perfect groomers!


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