Low Snow Bro...

Although it looks as tho we will get a small shot of snow tonight... we are now officially having a fairly thin winter as winter's go. Averages vary but much of the Sierra snowpack is down twenty to thirty percent relative to average and some closer to 50% off. What can we do? Well besides your mid-season snow dance and heavy drinking (or both at once if you're feeling frisky) you can ski carefully. If you are contemplating getting into The Chutes be aware that there are rocks poking their nasty little heads up in many places and when trying a chute for the first time in awhile, ski it slowly looking for the little bastards just waiting to give you a penetrating stone grind or edge reapportionment. To those complaining about Fuse, Detonator and Charge being roped off. Trust me, you don't really want to be in there.

The good news... its just late January so we are pretty likely to still get some snow to fill things in a bit. The other good news is the rest of the mountain is skiing pretty well with good coverage both on and off-piste. Its probably best to set a low bar and remember... it can always be a lot worse. All it takes is one good storm to turn things around and we have plenty of time for that. Stay tuned...



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