Don't know what you got till it's gone...

Been hearing a few complaints about their not having enough snow, or its too cloudy or too windy, or there is no safety bar on Lakeview, etc etc.Better call the Whaaaambulance.  Just wanted to refresh everybody's memory a little with this post. After two record breaking seasons sandwiching a pretty good season in between I think we are spoiled silly. Take a look at this retro photo of the Slide Bowl in January of 2014 taken about this time of year. So... looking at snow conditions then, compared to snow conditions now, we really have little to complain about people. We got snow, everything is open. Life is good.

No, we can't always ski everyday and the lifts sometimes are blown out to the top... but really, we got it pretty good at Rose. If you don't believe me. Just a spend a day at Flatstar like I did recently for my daughter's race. You'll wish you were back at Rose from the Flatstar Parking Debacle through the long hike through the overpriced village to the billion people line up at the lifts... oh yeah, you'll wish you were at Rose all day and will be clicking those Ruby Slipper ski boots you like to wear repeating... "Theres no place like Rose. Theres no place like Rose. Theres no place like Rose."



  1. Hahahhahah! "There's no place like Rose" got me good. Oh and "Flatstar". Hilarious!


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