Chutes Reopen

According to our Top Shelf (as in Tequila) Cub Reporter Erich, The Chutes reopened today and are rated as a solid "Interesting" which is what you are supposed to say when you are served a meal at a parents friends house and the food is disgusting in every way but you manage to choke it down. Although there is a lot of latitude in the phrase of course. Some folks consider The Chutes a mirror and you'll come out describing what you went in with in terms of your expectations, emotional state etc. I tend to be little bit less philosophical that that however... "interesting" works for me as well. Be careful where you go as you will find marginal conditions in places (Read: Dust on Crust). The rest of the mountain on-piste is skiing well in the morning with the exception of Upper Ramseys which has some gravel in spots.

Off-piste skiing remains "interesting" until we get enough snow to cover up the rain crust. According to our friends over at: the snows are coming next week. The National Weather Service is going so far as to say the late midweek storm will be the biggest of the season so far (we shall see right, lets not get taken down that Primrose Path so easily this time). Whether it turns out to be the "biggest" or not, snow is headed our way to cover up our current conditions and that is definitely something to celebrate!



  1. Sometimes you just have to try it. Expectations based on perceived experience and reality can differ especially when it comes to a medium as dynamic as snow. Because H2O exists near the triple point changes in the snow based on fluctuations in temperature and pressure can surprise even the most "experienced" user. A wise man told me that when it comes to snow you want to know what you don't know.


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