Avalanche Takes One

Some of the best skiing of the year occurred today at Rose with mindblowingly great pow. The crowds did show tho so the freshies lasted just a little while... but boy were they sweet as you can see from the photo. The snow was so high quality that even the skied in stuff was excellent. Light, light light was the theme of the day. Hope you got out and got some while it was fresh.

Unfortunately there was a fatality at Alpine Meadows and another seriously injured from an avalanche this morning. They more than doubled our snow totals over here on the East side so things were moving. I'm sure the media circus will cover it tonight with all the details as helicopters we're coming from as far away as the Bay Area to cover it. You can can have a 8 car pile up with several dead and dismembered and not even make the news but one slide with a fatality and it goes national. Really really strange don't you think? We live and ski in these mountains and occasionally the snow moves, thats life. The other thing we will hear from the pundits is why Alpine didn't make it safe. Most folks just don't get it. These are mountains and gravity being what it is, sometimes hurls things downhill, rocks, trees and snow and only very occasionally a frail human gets in the way. There is no fault here unless you want to lay blame on the skiers themselves. They chose the line. It wasn't a good choice. And shit happens. Period.



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