Where have all the Asians Gone?

Empty chairs and great bluebird conditions at Rose this morning. Excellent skiing on packed pow and perfect groomers. Cold yes, but the sun was welcome and warming. On the Chuter lift by myself a couple days after Christmas and recalling how in the past there would been  heavy traffic, long lift lines, full parking lots, wall to wall people in the lodge and a billion people on the Rose side... made me compose the little ditty below...

Song to the tune of "Where have all the Flowers Gone?"

Where have all the Asians Gone
that I'm usually passing

Where have all the Asians Gone
They never showed

Where have all the Asians Gone
Fuses not popping rice cookers Gone

Is it the ticket price? I guess we'll never know



  1. Entirely possible they are just showing up a bit late. I was there yesterday at 2:00. Parked on slide side, decided to take a face run on Rose side. Came around the corner and it looked like the circus, the only thing missing was the big top! Wall to wall people. I went back to slide, never to return.

  2. Rose should think about monthly passes as well. Buy a monthly pass for a couple hundred bucks. That lowers the ticket price dramatically if you come to town for a week or two. Would beat paying Squaw Valley $200 a day. Just a thought.

    1. Read my latest post for more on the tourists gone away theme...


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