To Post or Not to Post: That is the Question

Greetings all,

Its been a few days since my last post but life is hectic and busy sometimes. Have patience. Saturday there was zero to seven inches of powder depending on where you were. If you were where the seven was... skiing was excellent. If not, you'll get to know the mountain better over time. With strong SW winds snow piled up in the usual places and skiing was delicious Sat and Sun. Even today with very cold temps skiing was still good with great grooming and decent snow off-piste as well. Be mindful of thin coverage in The Chutes. There are places where rocks are peaking out like shark fins just waiting for your ski edge. Helmets are not a bad idea...

The Inebriated Look Alike Santa Celebration came off well with lots of smiles and free spiked nog for participants... pretty nice of Rose to throw that in for sure. The sun is shinning early week and then back to Seattle weather later in the week apparently. I could do without that, quite honestly. The theme of this weekend was Sparkles (that's for you Cindy Sparkles) and there was a lot of them!

Happy sliding everybody!



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