Starstruck at Mt. Rose...

Starstruck at Rose... First I ride a chair with Jeremy Renner, next I cut down the West Ridge hunting for some low angle untracked pow and I see who appears to be John Bolton near the Mt. Rose Explosives cache complete with his iconic mustache caught redhanded poking around. From Flanders over at Channel 2 weather to the stylish Kristen Remington you just never know who you might ride a chair with at Mt. Rose. Of course if your skiing you only really have to be famous to yourself to have a really good time. The magic of skiing makes us all superstars, right?

With all this early snow skiing is fantastic for this time of year. Still, there are rocks and thin coverage in spots. Heres hoping you will ski with a healthy balance between carefully and carefree.

Regardless, get your turns in while you can before the onslaught begins in earnest next week!



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