Open Slopes Coming to a Mountain Near You

Thankfully the Slide side will open tomorrow barring no weather or mechanical issues and we will once again be treated to open slopes and skiable terrain where we can escape the urban refugees from Cali somewhat. To me and the rest of the slide dogs out there, the slide side just seems like a whole different mountain. Slide offers so many more options to reach out and explore, to find secret-like tree runs that most folks pass up. I don't feel so hemmed in over there and funneled into literal "tourist traps" like the KC Traverse which is probably only second to Squaw's Mountain Run as "Most Dangerous Run" in the West. Slide lets you stretch your wings a bit, some BC gates to go get lost when its too crowded and places to ski where there are not folks surrounding you on all sides. Room to breath, to let your skis air out a little feel the wind begin to hold you back. Where it still feels like "Old Nevada" on stormy weekdays and you don't see anyone else the whole run down.

Yep, I know I speak for many when I say Slide rocks!



  1. Here, here... But whoever groomed Silver Dollar should be shot

    1. What do you know what it takes to get grooming done early season..


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