December Sunsets

Once in awhile there is enough snow in early December to hike up and away and catch a glorious solo sunset and ski mountain glow pink into blue shadows and be thankful you were alive to witness such a soundless and serene experience. Today was such a day and venturing far from the madding crowd is usually a wonderful experience anyway, but throw in great early season coverage, a rising moon in a clear sky, fresh cold pow and the solar fireworks and it truly becomes extraordinary. With the exception of the top of Bruces and some other random spots all named runs are skiing well on true packed powder. The mountain was empty late afternoon today and it felt like my own private country club. It is snowing heavily tonight and its forecast to continue through Sunday morning so its time once again to get the big boards out. Get your pow on now as next week looks warmer and drier.  My only caveat, beware the wind and lift closures on Saturday. Winds are forecast in the 75 mph range over the ridges. With the wind will come loading on leeward slopes, beware and practice avalanche awareness. Carry your gear and know how to use it.

For those of you that worry about skiing alone I say this. There is nothing like skiing by yourself... decisions are really easy and no one ever gets lost or left behind. I highly recommend it and if you do get lost... well, think positive, its probably better for the gene pool in the long run anyway.

Happy Turning!



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