Bar/Restaurant/Junkyard FOR SALE

5.7 Million Dollars. How can you go wrong? Sure at first glance you might think this 14 acres on the Mt. Rose Hwy is overpriced, but hey, Look What Else You Get! Besides the acreage you'll receive an "interesting" lodge with a VERY open floor plan full of antiques with floor to ceiling views on the West side of the building, a full bar, pool table, guest rooms and memorabilia like a 50 unit typewriter collection coupled with one of the world's largest Lunchbox Collections (including the rarest of finds... a Gilligan's Island lunchbox signed by Bob Denver himself. The lodge has a rich history of rock legends playing to big crowds including Janis Joplin, Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Grateful Dead and many others. But hey, Look What Else You Get: The grounds contain a large antique tractor collection as well as other industrial bric-a-brac that would earn any junk yard dog's envy. All told there are at minimum forty 18 wheeler truckloads of difficult to describe articles that go along with this iconic property including, but not limited to: 285 lbs of rusty nails, 28 tractors in various states of decomposition, 92 wagon and other wheels, 72 doll heads which come in their own stained bathtub, 91 lbs of old Buffalo Burgers that taint exactly "fresh", 19 ice chests with broken hinges, 26 water logged mattresses of ill repute, 950 square feet of wet carpet, four gas pumps, two Cigar Store Injuns, 57 old and stained non-working musical instruments, 45 lbs of "moist" cotton balls, a half case of Cream de Menthe and... well, Look Theres More, much much more where that came from. If you love JUNK and have a penchant for broken dreams and letting "sleeping dogs lie" the Reindeer Lodge is for you!

Or alternatively, we can wish that Jeremy Renner buys it. Levels it with a D-9. Hauls out the 30 years of brokenness, roofless sheds, trash and crap and rebuilds the lodge to fit the times with a nice bar/restaurant combo for post skiing bliss. C'mon Mr. Renner, we are all counting on you to talk him down three mill and open up something to be proud of. Its either that or the Ron West Flaming Arrow Plan, right?

Happy Winter Solstice Everyone. Slide was down with winds today but the Rose side was skiing quite nice. Forecast is for a little snow and much colder temps. Should be good skiing headed our way.

Happy Winter Solstice,



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