Weather or Not?

Well May has been an interesting ride with lots of wet and wild weather across the Sierra's. With some locations reporting up to 400% more than average for this month most of us have been under snow or rain most of the month and it has seemed almost non-stop on the Grey Bird Days. The silver lining is that it has kept the snow from melting off very quickly and there is still lots of snow available for sliding on. Unfortunately Squaw has closed KT and Granite Chief for the season which is a bummer... we could have ridden Granite Chief into the middle of next month the way it looks.

Mammoth on the other hand still has lots of skiing available and that may warrant a trip down South for many in the coming weeks. Mammoth has announced they plan on skiing and riding into August now so... Jesus, this IS the year to head South, right? Ski, swim, boat, fish and repeat. Sounds like a pretty good cycle.

In any event most of the world has been experiencing weather anomalies with a very warm Alaska, Canada and Arctic and cold and stormy weather in the mid-latitudes. There is currently even a million acre forest fire burning in Canada, and fire season just started. While we were getting wet and irritated, the Midwest was getting hammered with large damaging storms with hail balls as big as softballs and tornadoes large enough to remove entire neighborhoods. The graphic above explains it best... as you can see it looks kinda like a February set-up with storms coming down from the North and slamming into the Sierra's. Only... its May so thats a little unusual.


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