Almost forgot... the Employee Ski Day Party Returns to the Mountain!

Jim Najima (pictured above) proud of his step into womanhood... the employee ski day was the perfect place to really be yourself with no holds barred... good luck with the estrogen treatment Jim... looks like its really coming along.

Rose returned to the Employee Ski Day Plus One this year after last year's Drunkfest and Vomitorium didn't prove sustainable and I happened to be invited and felt obliged to share some pics with you of the festivities. It was still wild and woolly but this year focused on skiing instead of overindulgence. It was time for emps and their spawn to let loose and have some fun. Great awards were given to deserving employees by their respective managers including the coveted Golden Shovel Award. On tap was great skiing, some pretty amazing costumes and (although I didn't think it was possible) a picture of Beth actually sitting and enjoying herself without a tray or a clipboard in her hand. The Ski Pimp, Jimmy and a Squid were among others electing laughs and guffaws. A good time was had by all doing what Rose does best... having fun!



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