Ya Beer, Bratwurst & a chorus of Roll Out the Barrel...

Another great party at Rose today with German beer, an Austrian band and a Swiss server on BBQ made for a great day. The sunny afternoon didn't hurt either. As usual Charlie the Voice of Mt. Rose kept things light and laughable as well as his sidekick Cece. Although the North Wind kept the chutes from warming to a nice corn ratio, other parts of the mountain were in their spring glory. Corn was plentiful and there was room for all as many folks had Easter festivities going that precluded skiing (Thank you Easter Bunny). It made for pleasant parking, pleasant skiing and no line for beer (such a deal). Almost felt like the Rose we all remember back in the "old days" when snow was a plentiful and lines were something that Squaw had.

There is something special when you hit a slope that is of course trackless and just come into its corniness. You feel like you really are a good skier when you arc that first turn and crank much tighter than normal and then counter rotate into the next one and then again and again looking for the steepest stuff you can find and peeling the snow back like a sharp knife peeling apples. You cut deeper and faster into you are flying around trees and boulders and everything is fair game. You feel invincible in this snow, like a little superman. As shadows get longer you crank in the last couple of runs so you can make last chair and eek out one more run in this heavenly snow. No matter how crappy your week may have been, this day your frustration, sadness, anger or neutrality melt away into a primitive YELP as you fly into your turns on your last run of the day... so so happy to be alive and skiing on this day and on this mountain.



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