We have all been there...

We have all been there. Not sure what we will find, low expectations of the day, the company, the snow and then voila! We come over a little break over and there it is... an open slope with no tracks. Whether it runs for just a few turns between trees that just got missed in the feeding frenzy or in my case yesterday, a couple thousand feet of untracked perfect corn... we all smile right before we drop in. What happens then is (dare I say) magical. As our skis feel the loss of solid snow under their tips as they slide downward over the hump, our speed increases appreciably and it is then that we feel the rush of a rollercoaster ride in 7th grade. That moment when we are taken, heart, mind, body and soul downhill to begin the first nudge against the pull of gravity into our first turn. We sink down and the snow flies as edges slide into the virgin surface and we lean into the turn like a porche 911 on the Mt. Rose Hwy doing about 65 around the corners. Yes, its visceral and all thoughts are left above that first turn. Completed we let the edges roll downhill again as we arc into the fall line once more with a little more speed and barely on the ground as we set up for our second turn, knowing we won't be stopping anytime soon but sinking again and again into the dance that only skiers know. Down, up, down, up, the rhythm pulling us further and further into the moments and the dream within a dream that is skiing untracked snow. We bounce between total concentration on our technique to the wild abandon of a child on that coaster as we laugh, yell and yodel our way down the mountain.

What a way to go through life. What a life. So happy I get to share that with y'all. My Ski Tribe. Spring is springing and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. As always, beware the weather in the spring, it can make or break your day!



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