One helluva Last Day, Last Chair, Last BBQ

The Rose 18/19 season ended with a bang full of fun, frolic and fast runs down The Chutes. Frivolity was at the forefront as folks feasted, flaunted and figured out how to ski steeps in costumes... or nothing at all. Husbands, wives, family and friends all got together on a picture perfect day to close out the season. The weather was perfect as were the spirits of those in the parking lot and on the hill. Of course last chair and run would not have been the same without the Werschky Posse sharing their Giant Flask of Fun with everyone and organizing the Whirling Circle of Death down Bonanza. There was definitely a very good showing from the Nevada Department of Adventure (NDOA). Dare I say everyone contributed something to the party that lasted all day. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did making them. And as a Mark I know stated so eloquently at the end of the last run as he was clicking out of his skis... "Let the Summer Chutes Season Begin!" And so it goes. The slopes go on forever and the skiing never ends.



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