Here comes the sun... and the corn!

Warmer than average temps are turning snow to slush earlier than usual. Do you know how to follow the sun? How to harvest the corn? A typical spring day starts with Silver, Sunrise (Toilet Bowl) and Outlaw (Sharngri La) softening up first, but then again, it's all about the radiation. If there are high clouds or temps are a little cooler everything moves back an hour or two. But... the rotation remains close to the same. Next to soften is typically Bruces followed by Bonanza and Zephyr. Central is seldom groomed but when it is it softens right after Silver and little before Bonanza because of the double fall line toward the South. At this point the Rose side will begin to soften with the left side of KC Bowl going off first followed by the other runs. Lakeview and anything facing more Westerly usually take a bit longer. The Chutes soften, again, according to their radiation quotient. The more sun they get, the less likely to be frozen coral. The left side of Jackpot is often the first place to find softer snow in the spring chutes.

Hope this helps. Pick your corn carefully, look under the husk, is the corn too hard still? Is it still too cold? Creamed corn is what you are looking for. Soft on top but still firm and manageable underneath. If corn is overcooked it becomes rotten. Overripe corn is deep and is often found in unsightly piles with scraped off areas in-between of harder cob like corn. No good, you waited too long. The only way to ski that stuff and enjoy it is after a lot of free beer at the tasting party or perhaps after the German Beer Garden.  Then, and only then is all corn good corn because you can't tell the difference anymore and you are like a pig. The pig you see, likes all corn regardless of condition.

Now you are a spring and corn snow expert! Hope you're good and hungry!


PS: The Passholder Party has been moved to April 28th for weather concerns


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