The SUN is trying...

Happy Saturday Everybody! Its good to be back writing again. We may see a little sun this afternoon but, then again,  according to our weather lately that would be a small miracle. We just can't seem to get some High Pressure off the coast to give us some clear spring weather. Of course the same could be said of this winter as well. Rather than storm and sun, we had storm, then more storm, then clouds, followed by (surprise)  more storm. I suppose you are as tired of it as I am. I still believe as Doug Coombs said that "There is no such thing as too much snow." but there is definitely something to the fact that there has not been enough sunshine. We have had less than 10 days of completely sunny weather in the last 60 days. Wow. Thats a record I hope we never break. We should (according to forecasts) enjoy a partially sunny day tomorrow and then its back to more grey weather next week with a couple of weak disturbances lined up put in the Pacific.

In any event the grooming this spring has been high quality and quantity. Lots of runs groomed even during the week so Rose is doing everything they can to make the skiing enjoyable despite the grey skies. Just wanted to remind you that clear skies are coming... sometime... to a mountain near you and that its always sunny above the clouds... hang in there and enjoy the last month of Rose skiing!



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